Security Safety Health & Environmental

Standardize Incident Information Capture (via cloud services)

  • Single point of entry based on incident or data type (Elimination of multistep data entry)
  • Improve accuracy of reporting and information review in real time
  • Approval review through designated workflow

Instant Data & Awareness for Management

  • Severity-based alerts and notifications in real time
  • Secure link to incident data and ownership
  • Custom reports and forms

Communicate Easily to Shipboard and Shoreside

  • Distribution of status to all relevant parties
  • Communicate missing processes or procedures
  • Drive compliance based on company and regulatory policy
  • Flag open issues and incomplete incidents for review


  • EPA, CDC Sanitation Act, MARPOL
  • Kerry Cruise Vessel Ship and Safety Act of 2010(CVSSA)
  • FBI Crime Reporting Requirements
  • Coast Guard, IMO, Bahamas Naval Authority, Malta N.A.
  • Outbreak Prevention Plan, PH Inspections
  • Coast Guard Garbage Book
  • US Department of Labor – WC, OSHA, MSHA

Strengthen Database Relationships

  • Integrate with third party databases
  • Documentation of reporting
  • Validation of process and accountability
  • Provides demographic data across platforms


  • Intelligent reports and forms for compliance, regulation and key performance indicators
  • Integrate to continuous improvement analysis, audits and daily reports


  • Property management
  • Internal audits
  • Mobile applications
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Discharge Assessment Report
  • Waste Financial Report


  • Reduce claims and litigation
  • Minimize exposure to regulatory fines and expenses
  • Reduce incidents with real time data driven analysis


Connecting your Shipboard Activity to Your Enterprise

Why Shipadvisor is the Best Solution for the Cruise Industry?

User-centric technology that STRENGTHENS AND PROTECTS YOUR BUSINESS and IMPROVES THE WORK EXPERIENCE for employees. The solution guides them through safety and security procedures that are critical yet often stressful and compromising. Swordpoint’s Chief Technology Officer, Jack Tipsword, explains Swordpoint’s deep roots in the cruise industry and the evolution of a software that is improving how cruise lines manage safety, security and environmental situations.

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I value the purpose-built SwordPoint database you developed for our security department. From our first conversation, you focused on understanding our business as well as our business needs. Your design team’s experience was evident, but their patience and responsiveness was amazing. They worked hard to be sure the system was user friendly. In the end, the system you developed for us allows effective oversight, communication, analysis and decision making. It is at the core of our shipboard operations and is simply fantastic. Many thanks for your great (and continuing) support!”

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Security Officer (Retired)
Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.


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